Race to Remember

The 4rd annual Race to Remember is hosted by the Severna Park Community Center. The 1 mile walk or 5K run is inspired by the legacy of the special people in our community. The race is a unique opportunity to not only honor the memory of a cherished member of our community but also enhance their legacy by donating the profits of the race to a charity of your choice.

At the Race to Remember you are racing for more than yourself, you are racing for a special person in your life. When you register for the race you will be ask to specify a person you are racing for. Once registered you become a member of that person’s squad. As more people signup for the race they have the opportunity become a part of your squad or race for another person and create a new squad.

Unlike other races, speed doesn’t matter in the Race to Remember. Points are awarded based on the amount of squad members that finish the race. The squads with the most participants to complete the race will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. A percentage of the profits will be donated to charity (503c organization) of the winning squad’s choice.

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In 2016 the Race raised $610 to be donated to the squads with the highest number of participant to complete the race. Thank you to all the squads the participated.   Smart Fit Kids Academy Squad,  Elizabeth Wyble Squad,   Veteran Support Foundation Squad,   SPCA Squad, Randy Ziegler Squad

Race to Remebmer Art Board Picture